Commit 1056cb66 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Fix typo in previous rpath-related change (thanks hydra)

parent a4a18b8b
...@@ -1503,7 +1503,7 @@ LD_SWITCH_X_SITE_RPATH= ...@@ -1503,7 +1503,7 @@ LD_SWITCH_X_SITE_RPATH=
if test "${x_libraries}" != NONE; then if test "${x_libraries}" != NONE; then
if test -n "${x_libraries}"; then if test -n "${x_libraries}"; then
LD_SWITCH_X_SITE=-L`echo ${x_libraries} | sed -e "s/:/ -L/g"` LD_SWITCH_X_SITE=-L`echo ${x_libraries} | sed -e "s/:/ -L/g"`
LD_SWITCH_X_SITE_RPATH=-Wl,-rpath`echo ${x_libraries} | sed -e "s/:/ -Wl,-rpath/g"` LD_SWITCH_X_SITE_RPATH=-Wl,-rpath,`echo ${x_libraries} | sed -e "s/:/ -Wl,-rpath,/g"`
fi fi
x_default_search_path="" x_default_search_path=""
x_search_path=${x_libraries} x_search_path=${x_libraries}
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