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Updated readme with thoughts of package.el

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......@@ -113,6 +113,8 @@ Files in the "admin" directory should probably be in the emacs-root admin.
* Bugs
** Launching with -q
package.el does not initialize when emacs is launched with -q. This is
somewhat problematic, since packages in the "core" dir should probably
always be loaded. Unfortunately package.el is either initialized or
......@@ -120,3 +122,64 @@ not -- it can be done just for one directory. Currently this means
that if files were moved from the "lisp" directory to the "package"
directory, they would disappear under "emacs -q", until
package-initialize is called.
*** Investigations
package-initialize is the main issue here. It needs to run even with
emacs -q, *but* only to load packages in core. At the same time it
should not record that emacs has been initied, since running
package-initialize again needs to load files in ~/.emacs.d/elpa.
Functions/Variables to investigate:
"Whether we know the init file has package-initialize.")
"Whether to activate installed packages when Emacs starts.
If non-nil, packages are activated after reading the init file
and before `after-init-hook'. Activation is not done if
`user-init-file' is nil (e.g. Emacs was started with \"-q\").
Even if the value is nil, you can type \\[package-initialize] to
activate the package system at any time."
"Ensure that the user's init file has `package-initialize'.
`package-initialize' doesn't have to be called, as long as it is
present somewhere in the file, even as a comment. If it is not,
add a call to it along with some explanatory comments."
This is entirely hideous
"Load descriptors for installed Emacs Lisp packages.
This looks for package subdirectories in `package-user-dir' and
`package-directory-list'. The variable `package-load-list'
controls which package subdirectories may be loaded.
In each valid package subdirectory, this function loads the
description file containing a call to `define-package', which
updates `package-alist'."
"Re-read `archive-contents', if it exists.
If successful, set `package-archive-contents'."
"Build `package--compatibility-table' with `package--mapc'."
Most of these seem quite easy to re-write in a form which takes a
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