Commit 10624005 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(popup_get_selection): For a ButtonRelease on the proper

display, don't queue it, and always deactivate the menu.
parent 3c8feb4a
......@@ -1096,10 +1096,15 @@ popup_get_selection (initial_event, dpyinfo, id)
/* Handle expose events for editor frames right away. */
if (event.type == Expose)
process_expose_from_menu (event);
/* Make sure we don't consider buttons grabbed after menu goes. */
/* Make sure we don't consider buttons grabbed after menu goes.
And make sure to deactivate for any ButtonRelease,
even if XtDispatchEvent doesn't do that. */
else if (event.type == ButtonRelease
&& dpyinfo->display == event.xbutton.display)
dpyinfo->grabbed &= ~(1 << event.xbutton.button);
dpyinfo->grabbed &= ~(1 << event.xbutton.button);
popup_activated_flag = 0;
/* If the user presses a key, deactivate the menu.
The user is likely to do that if we get wedged. */
else if (event.type == KeyPress
......@@ -1118,11 +1123,13 @@ popup_get_selection (initial_event, dpyinfo, id)
/* Queue all events not for this popup,
except for Expose, which we've already handled.
except for Expose, which we've already handled, and ButtonRelease.
Note that the X window is associated with the frame if this
is a menu bar popup, but not if it's a dialog box. So we use
x_non_menubar_window_to_frame, not x_any_window_to_frame. */
if (event.type != Expose
&& !(event.type == ButtonRelease
&& dpyinfo->display == event.xbutton.display)
&& (event.xany.display != dpyinfo->display
|| x_non_menubar_window_to_frame (dpyinfo, event.xany.window)))
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