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2003-11-02 Jesper Harder <> (tiny change)
* lispref/anti.texi, lispref/backups.texi, lispref/commands.texi
lispref/customize.texi, lispref/display.texi, lispref/files.texi,
lispref/internals.texi, lispref/keymaps.texi, lispref/loading.texi,
lispref/modes.texi, lispref/nonascii.texi, lispref/numbers.texi,
lispref/objects.texi, lispref/os.texi, lispref/positions.texi,
lispref/processes.texi, lispref/searching.texi,
lispref/sequences.texi, lispref/streams.texi, lispref/strings.texi,
lispref/syntax.texi, lispref/text.texi: Replace @sc{foo} with
2003-10-27 Luc Teirlinck <>
* strings.texi (Creating Strings): Argument START to `substring'
2003-11-02 Jesper Harder <> (tiny change)
* man/ack.texi, man/basic.texi, man/cmdargs.texi:
* man/commands.texi, man/custom.texi, man/display.texi:
* man/ediff.texi, man/emacs.texi, man/faq.texi, man/files.texi:
* man/frames.texi, man/glossary.texi, man/killing.texi:
* man/macos.texi, man/mark.texi, man/misc.texi, man/msdog.texi:
* man/mule.texi, man/rmail.texi, man/search.texi:
* man/sending.texi, man/text.texi, man/tramp.texi:
* man/trouble.texi, man/vip.texi, man/viper.texi, man/widget.texi:
* man/woman.texi: Replace @sc{ascii} and ASCII with @acronym{ASCII}.
2003-11-01 Alan Mackenzie <>
* search.texi (Scrolling During Incremental Search): Document a
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