Commit 106b9e13 authored by Pierre Téchoueyres's avatar Pierre Téchoueyres Committed by Eli Zaretskii

Unify prompt for gnupg passphrase between GNU/Linux and MS-Windows.

* lisp/epg.el (epg--start): Use 'raw-text' for coding system instead
of 'binary', in order to avoid spurious carriage return on Microsoft
Windows and MS-DOS when prompting for a password.  (Bug#33040)
parent 2a416161
......@@ -657,7 +657,7 @@ callback data (if any)."
:command (cons (epg-context-program context)
:connection-type 'pipe
:coding '(binary . binary)
:coding 'raw-text
:filter #'epg--process-filter
:stderr error-process
:noquery t)))
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