Commit 109da684 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Avoid kill-emacs-hook errors hanging batch mode

* src/emacs.c (Fkill_emacs): Prevent errors from kill-emacs-hook
hanging Emacs in batch mode.  (Bug#29955)
parent 4c998b4e
......@@ -2024,7 +2024,10 @@ all of which are called before Emacs is actually killed. */
/* Fsignal calls emacs_abort () if it sees that waiting_for_input is
set. */
waiting_for_input = 0;
run_hook (Qkill_emacs_hook);
if (noninteractive)
safe_run_hooks (Qkill_emacs_hook);
run_hook (Qkill_emacs_hook);
/* Transfer any clipboards we own to the clipboard manager. */
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