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Comments on manual checking.

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......@@ -2,8 +2,26 @@ Tasks needed before the next release.
** Check for widow and orphan lines in manuals;
make sure all the pages really look ok in the manual as formatted.
** Manuals
Check cross-references between the manuals (eg from emacs to elisp)
are correct. (Is there an automated way to do this?)
make emacs.dvi, elisp.dvi, and deal with any errors (undefined
references etc) in the output. Break any overfull lines.
Underfull hboxes are not serious, but it can be nice to get rid of
them if a simple rephrasing or rearrangement will work.
Update the master menu and detailed menu (eg the antinews version).
The command texinfo-multiple-files-update can do this, but you
probably want to apply the results selectively (eg the current master
menu has better line-breaks than the automatic version). It includes
the menu-entry name (if there is one) as well as the node name - using
only the latter looks better. Also, it doesn't seem to handle nested
includes, so will miss edebug.texi etc.
Check for widow and orphan lines; make sure all the pages really look
ok in the manual as formatted. (AFAIK, there is no way to do this
except paging through the whole manual.)
** Regenerate the pdf versions of the reference cards in etc/refcards/.
......@@ -24,6 +42,8 @@ sk Miroslav Vaško
** Try to reorder NEWS: most important things first, related items together.
** Consider bumping customize-changed-options-previous-release.
** Does deleting frames run Lisp code? If so, can we get rid of that?
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