Commit 10af5b4c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(create_process): If the output goes to a unibyte

buffer, suppress character code conversion.p
parent 237a6fd2
......@@ -1442,11 +1442,9 @@ create_process (process, new_argv, current_dir)
/* In unibyte mode, character code conversion should not take
place but EOL conversion should. So, setup raw-text or one
of the subsidiary according to the information just setup. */
if (NILP (Vcoding_system_for_read)
&& !NILP (XPROCESS (process)->decode_coding_system))
if (!NILP (XPROCESS (process)->decode_coding_system))
setup_raw_text_coding_system (proc_decode_coding_system[inchannel]);
if (NILP (Vcoding_system_for_write)
&& !NILP (XPROCESS (process)->encode_coding_system))
if (!NILP (XPROCESS (process)->encode_coding_system))
setup_raw_text_coding_system (proc_encode_coding_system[outchannel]);
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