Commit 10c5eace authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie Committed by Stefan Monnier
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* src/syntax.c (back_comment): Fix off-by-one error.

Fixes: debbugs:18022
parent 5b9c3a57
2014-11-06 Alan Mackenzie <>
* syntax.c (back_comment): Fix off-by-one error (bug#18022).
2014-11-06 Dima Kogan <>
* xgselect.c (xg_select): Use g_main_context_acquire (bug#18861).
......@@ -825,7 +825,7 @@ back_comment (ptrdiff_t from, ptrdiff_t from_byte, ptrdiff_t stop,
from = comment_end;
from_byte = comment_end_byte;
/* If comstart_pos is set and we get here (ie. didn't jump to `lossage'
or `done'), then we've found the beginning of the non-nested comment. */
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