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2007-12-04 Jan Djärv <>
* Give package name and verision to AC_INIT.
* Give package name and version to AC_INIT.
2007-12-03 Magnus Henoch <>
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1995-06-22 Paul Eggert <>
* Treat SunOS 4.1.4 like SunOS 4.1.3. (Likewise for
SunOS 4.1.5 thorugh 4.1.9, should they ever exist.)
SunOS 4.1.5 through 4.1.9, should they ever exist.)
1995-06-22 Paul Eggert <>
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1994-05-03 Morten Welinder (
* config.bat: Added possibility for different file name
transscriptions in lib-src.
transcriptions in lib-src.
1994-05-03 Richard Stallman (
......@@ -5804,7 +5804,7 @@
and #define HAVE_AIX_SMT_EXP if we do. This is present in some
versions of AIX, and needs to be passed to the loader.
* Test for the availablility of the
* Test for the availability of the
XScreenResourceString function.
1993-07-30 David J. MacKenzie (
......@@ -6077,7 +6077,7 @@
* (src:, lib-src:, FRC:): force the src and lib-src
targets to be executed even if make remembers that it has already
stisfied FRC.
satisfied FRC.
1993-05-29 Richard Stallman (
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1992-08-14 Eric S. Raymond (
* make-dist: taught it about vcdiff and rcs2log, added --newer
* make-dist: Taught it about vcdiff and rcs2log, added --newer
option for generating incremental distributions. Stopped it from
generating a TAGS file into the distribution; that sucker is
*big*, and easily enough generated with the toplevel makefile.
......@@ -600,7 +600,7 @@
* make-tarball.txt: Step-by-step instructions for making a tarball.
* make-announcement: A script for creating pretest annuncements.
* make-announcement: A script for creating pretest announcements.
2003-01-17 Francesco Potortì <>
......@@ -2651,7 +2651,7 @@
2006-01-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* screen.texi: Minor cleaups.
* screen.texi: Minor cleanups.
(Screen): Clean up the intro paragraphs.
(Mode Line): Lots of rewriting. Handle frame-name better.
eol-mnemonic-... vars moved out.
......@@ -2839,7 +2839,7 @@
2005-12-09 Kim F. Storm <>
* killing.texi (CUA Bindings): Describe how to use C-x and C-c as
prefix keys even when mark is active. Decribe that RET moves
prefix keys even when mark is active. Describe that RET moves
cursor to next corner in rectangle; clarify insert around rectangle.
2005-12-08 Luc Teirlinck <>
......@@ -3382,7 +3382,7 @@
(Language Environments): List all language environments.
Intlfonts contains fonts for most supported scripts, not all..
(Select Input Method): Refer to C-u C-x = to see how to type to
input a specifc character.
input a specific character.
(Recognize Coding): Fix typo, china-iso-8bit -> chinese-iso-8bit.
2005-06-23 Juanma Barranquero <>
......@@ -4284,7 +4284,7 @@
of list-colors-display. Add a pointer to the X docs about colors.
* cmdargs.texi (Colors): Mention 16-, 88- and 256-color modes.
Impove docs of list-colors-display.
Improve docs of list-colors-display.
2005-02-03 Lute Kamstra <>
......@@ -4498,7 +4498,7 @@
* cmdargs.texi, doclicense.texi, xresources.texi, emacs.texi:
* entering.texi: Rename Command Line to Emacs Invocation.
* misc.texi (Term Mode): Correcty describe C-c.
* misc.texi (Term Mode): Correctly describe C-c.
* custom.texi (Easy Customization): Move up to section level,
before Variables. Avoid using the term "variable"; say "option".
......@@ -4943,7 +4943,7 @@
2004-05-29 Alan Mackenzie <>
* programs.texi: Update for CC Mode 5.30 and incidental amendments.
("AWK"): Is consistently thus spelt throughout.
("AWK"): Is consistently thus spelled throughout.
(AWK, Pike): Document as "C-like modes".
(@kbd{M-j}): Document as alternative to @kbd{C-M-j}.
(M-x man): Supersedes M-x manual-entry.
......@@ -1978,7 +1978,7 @@
2006-05-30 Richard Stallman <>
* display.texi (Line Height): Fix errors in description of
default line height and line-height properyty.
default line height and line-height property.
* nonascii.texi (Default Coding Systems): Further clarification.
......@@ -3431,7 +3431,7 @@
2005-05-24 Nick Roberts <>
* frames.texi (Dialog Boxes): Descibe new optional argument.
* frames.texi (Dialog Boxes): Describe new optional argument.
2005-05-23 Lute Kamstra <>
......@@ -3741,7 +3741,7 @@
2005-04-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* nonascii.texi (Coding System Basics): Describe about rondtrip
* nonascii.texi (Coding System Basics): Describe about roundtrip
identity of coding systems.
2005-03-29 Chong Yidong <>
......@@ -4113,7 +4113,7 @@
(Building Lists): Explain trivial cases of number-sequence.
* hash.texi (Hash Tables): Add desc to menu items.
(Creating Hash): Expain "full" means "make larger",
(Creating Hash): Explain "full" means "make larger".
(Hash Access): Any object can be a key.
State value of maphash.
......@@ -2676,7 +2676,7 @@
2006-04-20 Chong Yidong <>
* gnus.texi (Spam Package): Major revision of the text.
Previouly this node was "Filtering Spam Using The Spam ELisp Package".
Previously this node was "Filtering Spam Using The Spam ELisp Package".
2006-04-20 Carsten Dominik <>
......@@ -2837,7 +2837,7 @@
2006-03-17 Bill Wohler <>
* mh-e.texi: Use smallexample and smalllisp consistenly.
* mh-e.texi: Use smallexample and smalllisp consistently.
(Sending Mail Tour): Update method of entering
addresses and subject.
(Sending Mail Tour, Reading Mail Tour, Processing Mail Tour)
......@@ -4641,7 +4641,7 @@
2003-10-26 Per Abrahamsen <>
* widget.texi (Defining New Widgets): Document new beavior of
* widget.texi (Defining New Widgets): Document new behavior of
:buttons and :children keywords.
2003-10-22 Miles Bader <>
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
2008-08-26 Robert J. Chassell <>
* PROBLEMS: Prevent pasting a region twice on an xterm or rxvt in X.
* PROBLEMS: Prevent pasting a region twice on an xterm or rxvt in X.
2008-08-23 Chong Yidong <>
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
2008-08-18 Bill Wohler <>
Release MH-E version 8.1.
* NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for MH-E release 8.1.
2008-08-14 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
2008-07-11 Kenichi Handa <>
* HELLO: Change the Arabic words apearing in Non-ASCII examples to
* HELLO: Change the Arabic words appearing in Non-ASCII examples to
iso-8859-6 characters.
2008-07-02 Francesc Rocher <>
......@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@
2008-02-02 Kenichi Handa <>
* HELLO: Add Bengali, Gujarati, Khmer, Myanmar, Oriya, Sinhala,
Telugu. Fix ISO-2022 desginations in Cantonese line.
Telugu. Fix ISO-2022 designations in Cantonese line.
2008-02-01 Kenichi Handa <>
......@@ -3172,7 +3172,7 @@
2000-12-15 Miles Bader <>
* DEBUG: Add note aboute using `inverse-video' to detect excessive
* DEBUG: Add note about using `inverse-video' to detect excessive
screen redraw.
2000-12-07 Dave Love <>
......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@
2004-05-10 Andreas Schwab <>
* (all): Readd dependency on ${WORLD} so that lisp
* (all): Re-add dependency on ${WORLD} so that lisp
files are compiled when bootstrapping.
2004-05-07 Stefan Monnier <>
......@@ -511,14 +511,14 @@
2004-05-04 Kenichi Handa <>
* (TIT-SOURCES): Prepend ${srcdir} to each elemnt.
* (TIT-SOURCES): Prepend ${srcdir} to each element.
(MISC-SOURCES): Likewise.
2004-05-01 Kenichi Handa <>
* (OTHERS): Rename from MISC.
(MISC): Rename from MISC-DIC.
(WORLD): Adjute for the above changes.
(WORLD): Adjust for the above changes.
(TIT-MISC, NON-TIT-MISC): New targets.
(all): Don't depend on ${WORLD}.
(.NOTPARALLEL, .NO_PARALLEL, ${TIT}, ${MSIC-IDC}): Remove these targets.
......@@ -1092,7 +1092,7 @@
"japanese-hiragana", "japanese-katakana".
(quail-japanese-kana-state): Delete this variable.
(quail-japanese-toggle-kana): Don't use quail-japanese-kana-state,
instead check if there's any Hiraganas in the converison region.
instead check if there's any Hiraganas in the conversion region.
2001-03-14 Kenichi Handa <>
......@@ -1105,7 +1105,7 @@
2001-03-05 Kenichi Handa <>
* quail/ethiopic.el ("ethiopic"): Docstring adjusted for the
change of the speicial key bindings.
change of the special key bindings.
2001-02-22 Kenichi Handa <>
......@@ -1810,7 +1810,7 @@
* quail/lrt.el (lrt-vowel-table): Some elements corrected.
("lao-lrt"): Doc-string of this Quail package modified.
Some tranlation rules added.
Some translation rules added.
* quail/lao.el (lao-keyboard-mapping): Some elements corrected.
(lao-quail-define-rules): Some translation rules corrected.
......@@ -1835,7 +1835,7 @@
1997-08-04 Valery Alexeev <>
* quail/cyrillic.el (cyrillic-translit): Doc-string of the package
modified. Several tranlation rules modified.
modified. Several translation rules modified.
1997-08-04 Ken'ichi Handa <>
......@@ -1867,12 +1867,12 @@
* quail/ethiopic.el: Change Quail package name to "ethiopic".
(ethio-toggle-punctuation): Give "ethiopic" to quail-defrule.
* (TIT): New variable, contatination of TIT-GB and
* (TIT): New variable, concatenation of TIT-GB and
(ASIA): Include TIBEAN.
(ASIA): Include TIBETAN.
(all): Remove stamp-bytecomp from dependency list.
({$TIT}): New target, substitues the target ${TIT-GB} ${TIT-BIG5}.
({$TIT}): New target, substitutes the target ${TIT-GB} ${TIT-BIG5}.
(%.el): Make a link for byte-compiled file too.
(stamp-bytecomp): Target deleted.
(leim-list.el): Run Emacs with loading quail.
......@@ -1894,7 +1894,7 @@
1997-07-17 Ken'ichi Handa <>
* Modified to avoid *.el files being regarded
as intermidiate files and deleted by GNU make.
as intermediate files and deleted by GNU make.
* quail/lrt.el (lrt-vowel-table): Change "ow" -> "ao", "am" -> "arm".
(lrt-handle-maa-sakod): Correctly handle the case that
......@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@
2008-08-07 Dan Nicolaescu <>
not special case for NS_IMPL_COCOA.
Do not special case for NS_IMPL_COCOA.
2008-07-16 Adrian Robert <>
......@@ -766,7 +766,7 @@
set up TCP sockets.
(set_local_socket): New function to create and set up Unix
socket (code moved from previous implementation).
(set_socket): New function to chose between TCP and Unix sockets.
(set_socket): New function to choose between TCP and Unix sockets.
(main): Use SEND_STRING and SEND_QUOTED. Most code moved to
set_local_socket. Use set_socket. Get answers from server.el with
recv(), not file stream functions.
......@@ -966,7 +966,7 @@
2005-09-15 Richard M. Stallman <>
* (update-game-score.o): New target.
Compile and link this progranm separately.
Compile and link this program separately.
(update-game-score${EXEEXT}): Use GETOPTDEPTS.
2005-09-11 Jason Rumney <>
......@@ -1312,7 +1312,7 @@
2003-02-15 Richard M. Stallman <>
* cvtmail.c: Cast result of malloc and realloc.
Don't include stdlib.h, becuase config.h does.
Don't include stdlib.h, because config.h does.
(malloc, realloc): Declarations deleted.
* yow.c (yow): Cast result of malloc and realloc.
......@@ -1383,7 +1383,7 @@
* getopt.c (const): Move outside !HAVE_CONFIG_H conditional.
(libintl.h): Include this if _LIBC. Otherwise include gettext.h.
(wchar.h): Include, maybe.
(attribute_hidden): Define if not defind.
(attribute_hidden): Define if not defined.
(__getopt_initialized): Use attribute_hidden.
(__libc_argc, __libc_argv): Renamed from original_argc, etc.
(__getopt_nonoption_flags, nonoption_flags_max_len)
......@@ -1603,7 +1603,7 @@
(main): Treat -c option as a backward compatibility hack.
(main, find_entries): Init and free filebuf.
(find_entries): Call regex_tag_multiline after the regular parser.
(scan_separators): Check for untermintaed regexp and return NULL.
(scan_separators): Check for unterminated regexp and return NULL.
(analyse_regex, add_regex): Remove the ignore_case argument, which
is now a modifier to the regexp. All callers changed.
(add_regex): Manage the regexp modifiers.
......@@ -1646,7 +1646,7 @@
* etags.c: Improvements and bug squashing in TeX handling.
(TeX_commands): Skip comments.
(TEX_defenv): Now contains more contructs.
(TEX_defenv): Now contains more constructs.
(TEX_cmt): Make it a static char and move it before TeX_commands.
(TeX_commands): Shorten the tag to the brace after the name.
(TeX_commands): Names now include the initial backslash.
......@@ -1732,7 +1732,7 @@
* etags.c (get_language_from_filename): Add one argument.
(strcaseeq): New function.
(get_language_from_filename): Use it to do a case insenstitive
(get_language_from_filename): Use it to do a case insensitive
comparison if called with appropriate args.
(find_entries): Try with case insensitive match.
(process_file): Bug fixed.
......@@ -1756,7 +1756,7 @@
to a file description structure.
(curfile, curfiledir, curtagfname, curlang, nocharno)
(forced_lang): Global variables removed in favor of fdhead and
curfdp, pointers to file description strucures.
curfdp, pointers to file description structures.
(longopts, main, print_help): Use the CTAGS conditional to include
or exclude options that work on etags or ctags only.
(process_file, find_entries, pfnote, add_node, put_entries)
......@@ -2645,7 +2645,7 @@
* etags.c (iswhite): Redefine not to consider '\0' as white
space, and use it throughout in place of isspace, thus preventing a
potential signed char to int conversion problem.
(MSDOS): #undefine befere redefining
(MSDOS): #undefine before redefining.
2000-02-04 Francesco Potortì <>
......@@ -3374,7 +3374,7 @@
(init): Cleanup and init _nin.
(new_pfnote): New function.
(make_C_tag) [traditional_tag_style]: Use it.
(traditional_tag_style): Costant set to TRUE for now.
(traditional_tag_style): Constant set to TRUE for now.
1997-05-14 Francesco Potortì <>
......@@ -3699,11 +3699,11 @@
(datearg): When computing default from ChangeLog, handle ISO format
dates in addition to old-fashioned dates from Emacs 19.31 and earlier.
Don't worry about hh:mm:ss since the resolution is now by day.
Use emtpy datearg, not empty rlog_options, to decide whether to pass
Use empty datearg, not empty rlog_options, to decide whether to pass
"$datearg" option to $rlog.
(logTZ): New variable, set to TZ specified by change-log-time-zone-rule.
(month_data): Remove `mo'; no longer needed.
(rlog_options): Use -zLT for localltime output, if `rlog' supports it.
(rlog_options): Use -zLT for localtime output, if `rlog' supports it.
Match `revision' line of rlog output more accurately.
......@@ -3920,9 +3920,9 @@
1996-03-08 Anders Lindgren <>
* etags.c: New Languange Erlang added.
(Erlang_functions, erlang_func, erlang_attribute, erlang_atom,
erlang_white): New functions.
* etags.c: New Language Erlang added.
(Erlang_functions, erlang_func, erlang_attribute, erlang_atom)
(erlang_white): New functions.
(Erlang_suffixes): New suffix list.
(lang_names): Erlang entry added.
(prolog_getit): Accepts headers spanning several lines.
......@@ -5101,7 +5101,7 @@
* etags.c (absolute_pathnames, cwd): Added global vars.
(longopts, print_help, main, process_file): Put absolute filenames
in the tag file if the -A --absolute-pathnames option is used.
(print_help): Alfabetically order the options.
(print_help): Alphabetically order the options.
(malloc, realloc, strcpy, strncpy, strcmp): Remove extern declar.
1994-02-09 Richard Stallman (
......@@ -5322,7 +5322,7 @@
1993-09-14 Brian Fox (
* (archlibdir): Only install execuatables internally
* (archlibdir): Only install executables internally
used by emacs; don't install bindir binaries here.
1993-09-24 Paul Eggert (
......@@ -5678,7 +5678,7 @@
* test-distrib.c (main): Take the name of the distribution file to
test from the command line.
* timer.c: Fix mispellings of get_date function's name.
* timer.c: Fix misspellings of get_date function's name.
1993-05-12 Roland McGrath (
......@@ -6063,7 +6063,7 @@
1992-04-20 Jim Blandy (
* etags.c (print_help): Remember not to imbed raw newlines in
* etags.c (print_help): Remember not to embed raw newlines in
strings - end the lines with `\n\'.
1992-04-17 Jim Blandy (
......@@ -333,7 +333,7 @@
2008-09-07 Kenichi Handa <>
* composite.el: Compose combining characters only when it
follows an character matching with "[[:alpha:]]".
follows a character matching with "[[:alpha:]]".
2008-09-06 Roland Winkler <>
......@@ -452,7 +452,7 @@
* verilog-mode.el (verilog-beg-block-re-ordered, verilog-calc-1):
Better support for the property statement. Sometimes this keyword
introduces a statement which requires an endproperty keyword, and
sometimes it doesn't, dependening on the work before the property
sometimes it doesn't, depending on the work before the property
word. If property is prefixed with assert, assume or cover
keyword, then the statement is ended with a ';'. Otherwise,
property is like task or specify, and is followed by some number
......@@ -1015,7 +1015,7 @@
(proced-log, proced-log-summary): New functions.
(proced-help): Use proced-why.
* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-entry-format): Mark as safe.
(bibtex-autokey-year-title-separator): Fix doscstring.
(bibtex-autokey-year-title-separator): Fix docstring.
2008-08-17 Michael Albinus <>
......@@ -1140,7 +1140,7 @@
* ibuffer.el (ibuffer-buffer-file-name): Return nil rather than
empty string when no filename.
(define-ibuffer-column filename): Accomodate that change.
(define-ibuffer-column filename): Accommodate that change.
* ibuf-ext.el (ibuffer-define-filter filename): Use plain old
`buffer-file-name' instead of `ibuffer-buffer-file-name'.
......@@ -1399,7 +1399,7 @@
(isearch-backward, isearch-backward-regexp): Doc fix - make a link
to the command `isearch-forward' instead of displaying "See C-s".
(isearch-highlight-regexp): Remove arguments `regexp' and `face'
with their interactive specifictions. Move reading the face name to
with their interactive specifications. Move reading the face name to
the main body after calls to isearch-done and isearch-clean-overlays.
* mb-depth.el: Unify all names under one common name prefix
......@@ -1550,7 +1550,7 @@
* image-mode.el (image-mode): Set image-mode-text-map when image
cannot be displayed.
2008-07-30 Stepehen Leake <>
2008-07-30 Stephen Leake <>
* progmodes/ada-prj.el (ada-prj-initialize-values): Fix use of deleted
......@@ -1576,7 +1576,7 @@
(verilog-forward-sexp, verilog-forward-wa, verilog-calc-1)
(verilog-leap-to-head): Support the new virtual and/or protected
tasks, as well as extern declarations of tasks for indenting and
for foward/backward expression.
for forward/backward expression.
2008-07-30 Wilson Snyder <>
......@@ -4047,7 +4047,7 @@
2008-06-08 Glenn Morris <>
* (compile, compile-always, bootstrap-prepare):
Explictly pass EMACS to sub-makes that use it, for non-GNU makes.
Explicitly pass EMACS to sub-makes that use it, for non-GNU makes.
2008-06-07 Jihyun Cho <>
......@@ -5111,7 +5111,7 @@
2008-05-14 Eric S. Raymond <>
* vc.el (vc-deduce-fileset): Do the right thing when visting a
* vc.el (vc-deduce-fileset): Do the right thing when visiting a
buffer (say, a log buffer or diff buffer) with a vc-dir buffer
as parent.
......@@ -5145,7 +5145,7 @@
* international/fontset.el (setup-default-fontset): For kana, han,
hangul, and cjk-misc, move an entry with font-spec at the end.
(generate-fontset-menu): Exclue fontset-auto* from the list.
(generate-fontset-menu): Exclude fontset-auto* from the list.
* composite.el (compose-chars-after): Assume that WINDOW is always
......@@ -6122,7 +6122,7 @@
(org-entry-get): Respect value `selective' for the INHERIT argument.
(org-tag-inherit-p, org-property-inherit-p): New functions.
(org-agenda-format-date-aligned): Allow 10 characters for
weekday, to acomodate German locale.
weekday, to accommodate German locale.
(org-add-archive-files): New function.
(org-agenda-files): New argument `ext', to get archive files as well.
(org-tbl-menu): Protect the use of variables that
......@@ -6211,7 +6211,7 @@
2008-04-27 Jason Riedy <>
* org/org-table.el (orgtbl-to-generic): Add a :remove-nil-lines
parameter that supresses lines that evaluate to NIL.
parameter that suppresses lines that evaluate to NIL.
(orgtbl-get-fmt): New inline function for
picking apart formats that may be lists.
(orgtbl-apply-fmt): New inline function for applying formats that
......@@ -6299,7 +6299,7 @@
(org-export-preprocess-string): Rename from
(org-export-html-style): Made target class look like normal text.
(org-export-as-html): Make use of the better proprocessing in
(org-export-as-html): Make use of the better preprocessing in
(org-cleaned-string-for-export): Better treatment of heuristic
targets, many more internal links will now work in HTML export.
......@@ -6486,7 +6486,7 @@
(completion-emacs22-try-completion): Place cursor after the /, as was
done in Emacs-22's minibuffer-complete-word.
Fix bug reported by David Hansen <>.
(completion-emacs22-try-completion): Merge all mergable text rather
(completion-emacs22-try-completion): Merge all mergeable text rather
than just /.
(completion-pcm--delim-wild-regex): New var.
(completion-pcm-word-delimiters): New custom.
......@@ -7116,7 +7116,7 @@
* international/mule.el (char-coding-system-table):
Remove redundant obsolescence info in docstring.
(charset-list, generic-char-p, set-char-table-default):
Fix typos in obsolescence decarations.
Fix typos in obsolescence declarations.
* international/mule-diag.el (non-iso-charset-alist):
Fix typo in obsolescence declaration.
......@@ -8194,7 +8194,7 @@
* emacs-lisp/autoload.el (autoload-ensure-default-file):
Provide a feature.
* calendar/calendar.el, calendar/diary-lib.el, calendar/holidays.el:
Require loaddef file rather than loading it.
Require loaddefs file rather than loading it.
* ($(lisp)/mh-e/mh-loaddefs.el): Simplify rule now that
autoload-ensure-default-file provides a feature.
......@@ -10629,7 +10629,7 @@
buffer. Side effects first need to be studied carefully.
(org-get-tags-at): Fix the structure of the condition-case statement.
(org-ts-regexp0, org-repeat-re, org-display-custom-time)
(org-timestamp-change): Fix regulear expressions to swallow the
(org-timestamp-change): Fix regular expressions to swallow the
extra character for repeat-shift control.
(org-auto-repeat-maybe): Implement the new repeater mechanisms.
(org-get-legal-level): Alias to `org-get-valid-level'.
......@@ -10646,7 +10646,7 @@
it no longer seem necessary.
(org-follow-link-hook): New hook.
(org-agenda-custom-commands): Add "Component" as a tag for each
item in a command serie.
item in a command series.
(org-open-at-point): Run `org-follow-link-hook'.
(org-agenda-schedule): Bugfix: don't display marker type when it
is nil.
......@@ -10685,7 +10685,7 @@
`include-columns' argument in the call to
(org-buffer-property-keys): New argument `include-columns', to
include properties expected by any of the COLUMS formats in the
include properties expected by any of the COLUMNS formats in the
current buffer.
(org-cleaned-string-for-export): Get rid of drawers first, so that
they will be removed also in the text before the first headline.
......@@ -10700,7 +10700,7 @@
(org-agenda-get-deadlines): Allow `org-deadline-warning-days' to
be 0.
(org-update-checkbox-count): Revamp to deal with hierarchical
beckboxes. This was a patch from Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva.
checkboxes. This was a patch from Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva.
(org-remove-timestamp-with-keyword): New function.
(org-schedule, org-deadline):
Use `org-remove-timestamp-with-keyword' to make sure all such time
......@@ -11504,7 +11504,7 @@
2008-03-05 Kenichi Handa <>
* subr.el (read-quoted-char): Resolve modifers of the character
* subr.el (read-quoted-char): Resolve modifiers of the character
* comint.el (comint-exec-1): Don't change the coding-system for
......@@ -11682,7 +11682,7 @@
Expand all viper-cond-compile-for-xemacs-or-emacs calls to a
featurep test.
Replace obselete frame-local variables with frame-parameters.
Replace obsolete frame-local variables with frame-parameters.
* emulation/viper-init.el (viper-replace-overlay-cursor-color)
(viper-insert-state-cursor-color, viper-emacs-state-cursor-color)
(viper-vi-state-cursor-color): Only call make-variable-frame-local
......@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@
* c-mode.el (calculate-c-indent):
Use new variable c-brace-imaginary-offset for statements
inside a brace that isn't firstthing in its line.
inside a brace that isn't first thing in its line.