Commit 10ddc30e authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(replace-match-data): Pass RESEAT arg `t' to

match-data to unchain markers in match-data.
parent 7df73b0d
......@@ -1268,12 +1268,7 @@ but coerced to the correct value of INTEGERS."
(and (eq new reuse)
(eq (null integers) (markerp (car reuse)))
(match-data integers
(prog1 reuse
(while reuse
(if (markerp (car reuse))
(set-marker (car reuse) nil))
(setq reuse (cdr reuse)))))))
(match-data integers reuse t)))
(defun replace-match-maybe-edit (newtext fixedcase literal noedit match-data)
"Make a replacement with `replace-match', editing `\\?'.
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