Commit 10e65e41 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(which-func-maxout): Increase default to 500000.

(which-function-mode): This is now the "real" name of the function.
(which-func-mode): Now an alias.
(which-func-mode-global): Name deleted.
parent 722da89b
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ Which Function mode doesn't do anything until you use Imenu."
:group 'which-func
:type '(repeat (symbol :tag "Major mode")))
(defcustom which-func-maxout 100000
(defcustom which-func-maxout 500000
"Don't automatically compute the Imenu menu if buffer is this big or bigger.
Zero means compute the Imenu menu regardless of size."
:group 'which-func
......@@ -164,13 +164,12 @@ It creates the Imenu index for the buffer, if necessary."
(which-func-mode -1)
(error "Error in which-func-update: %s" info)))))
;; This is the name people would normally expect.
(defalias 'which-function-mode 'which-func-mode-global)
(defalias 'which-func-mode 'which-func-mode-global)
(defalias 'which-func-mode 'which-function-mode)
;; This is the name people would normally expect.
(define-minor-mode which-func-mode-global
(define-minor-mode which-function-mode
"Toggle Which Function mode, globally.
When Which Function mode is enabled, the current function name is
continuously displayed in the mode line, in certain major modes.
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