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2001-11-10 Eli Zaretskii <>
* make-dist: Add the lispref directory to the distribution.
* (install-arch-indep): Add elisp* to the list of
installed Info files.
2001-11-10 Eli Zaretskii <>
The following changes make ELisp manual part of the Emacs
* Add Copyright notice.
(prefix): Remove.
(infodir): Change value to "../info".
(VPATH): New variable.
(MAKE): Don't define.
(texmacrodir): Don't define.
(texinputdir): Append the existing value of TEXINPUTS.
($(infodir)/elisp): Instead of just "elisp". Reformat the
command to be compatible with man/, and to put the
output into ../info.
(installall): Target removed.
2001-10-31 Pavel Janík <>
* tips.texi (Coding Conventions): Fix typo.
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