Commit 11041c99 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calcFunc-venum): Properly handle intervals.

parent f3681087
2008-09-20 Vincent Belaïche <>
* calc/calc-vec.el (calcFunc-venum): Properly handle intervals.
2008-09-20 Glenn Morris <>
* emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el (lisp-indent-offset):
......@@ -1294,18 +1294,24 @@
(defun calcFunc-venum (a)
(setq a (calcFunc-vfloor a t))
(or (math-constp a) (math-reject-arg a "*Set must be finite"))
(let ((p a) next)
(while (cdr p)
(setq next (cdr p))
(if (eq (car-safe (nth 1 p)) 'intv)
(setcdr p (nconc (cdr (calcFunc-index (math-add
(math-sub (nth 3 (nth 1 p))
(nth 2 (nth 1 p)))
(nth 2 (nth 1 p))))
(cdr (cdr p)))))
(setq p next))
(let* ((prev a) (this (cdr prev)) this-val next this-last)
(while this
(setq next (cdr this)
this-val (car this))
(if (eq (car-safe this-val) 'intv)
(setq this (cdr (calcFunc-index (math-add
(math-sub (nth 3 this-val)
(nth 2 this-val))
(nth 2 this-val))))
(setq this-last (last this))
(setcdr this-last next)
(setcdr prev this)
(setq prev this-last))
(setq prev this))
(setq this next)))
(defun calcFunc-vpack (a)
(setq a (calcFunc-vfloor a t))
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