Commit 112a6592 authored by Leo Liu's avatar Leo Liu
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Add a missing space in smtpmail-send-data
parent 0812589b
2011-10-09 Leo Liu <>
* mail/smtpmail.el (smtpmail-send-data): Add a missing space.
2011-10-08 Glenn Morris <>
* progmodes/f90.el (f90-calculate-indent): Give preprocessor lines
......@@ -924,7 +924,7 @@ The list is in preference order.")
(defun smtpmail-send-data (process buffer)
(let ((data-continue t) sending-data
(pr (with-current-buffer buffer
(make-progress-reporter "Sending email"
(make-progress-reporter "Sending email "
(point-min) (point-max)))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(goto-char (point-min)))
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