Commit 113613ea authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Add index and xref to variable-interactive.

parent 8cc8dc43
......@@ -545,10 +545,11 @@ property exists and is a string, and its first character is @samp{*},
then the variable is a user option.
@end defun
@kindex variable-interactive
If a user option variable has a @code{variable-interactive} property,
the @code{set-variable} command uses that value to control reading the
new value for the variable. The property's value is used as if it were
the argument to @code{interactive}.
to @code{interactive} (@pxref{Using Interactive}).
@strong{Warning:} If the @code{defconst} and @code{defvar} special
forms are used while the variable has a local binding, they set the
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