Commit 114d739b authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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src/buffer.h, src/frame.h: Clarify doc of optimization variables.

parent 11a9c72f
......@@ -847,8 +847,8 @@ struct buffer
struct region_cache *width_run_cache;
struct region_cache *bidi_paragraph_cache;
/* Non-zero means don't use redisplay optimizations for
displaying this buffer. */
/* Non-zero means disable redisplay optimizations when rebuilding the glyph
matrices (but not when redrawing). */
bool_bf prevent_redisplay_optimizations_p : 1;
/* Non-zero whenever the narrowing is changed in this buffer. */
......@@ -375,7 +375,8 @@ struct frame
set this directly, use SET_FRAME_ICONIFIED instead. */
bool_bf iconified : 1;
/* True if this frame should be redrawn. */
/* True if this frame should be fully redisplayed. Disables all
optimizations while rebuilding matrices and redrawing. */
bool_bf garbaged : 1;
/* False means, if this frame has just one window,
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