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(Log Edit Mode): New.

(Log View Mode): new.
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\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c "@(#)$Name: $:$Id: pcl-cvs.texi,v 1.9 2000/12/06 20:03:33 fx Exp $"
@c "@(#)$Name: $:$Id: pcl-cvs.texi,v 1.10 2001/01/02 13:35:10 fx Exp $"
@c Documentation for the GNU Emacs CVS mode.
@c Copyright (C) 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@c Copyright (C) 1991,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@c This file is part of GNU Emacs
......@@ -122,8 +122,8 @@ of the various commands and major modes for further information.
* Selected files:: To which files are commands applied.
* Commands:: All commands, grouped by type.
@c * Log Edit Mode:: Major mode to edit log messages.
@c * Log View Mode:: Major mode to browse log changes.
* Log Edit Mode:: Major mode to edit log messages.
* Log View Mode:: Major mode to browse log changes.
@c * CVS Status Mode:: Major mode to view CVS' status output.
* Customization:: How you can tailor PCL-CVS to suit your needs.
* Bugs:: Bugs (known and unknown).
......@@ -546,7 +546,7 @@ it, it is quite powerful.
For commands to mark and unmark files, see @ref{Marking files}.
@node Commands, Customization, Selected files, Top
@node Commands, Log Edit Mode, Selected files, Top
@chapter Commands
......@@ -842,9 +842,7 @@ After having selected the files you want to commit, you type either
You type in the log message describing the changes you're about to
@c Reinstate when node is written:
@c (@pxref{Log Edit Mode}).@refill
commit (@pxref{Log Edit Mode}).
When you're happy with it, you type @kbd{C-c C-c} to do the actual
......@@ -931,9 +929,7 @@ directory. (@code{cvs-mode-add-change-log-entry-other-window}).@refill
@item l
Call the command @code{cvs-mode-log} which runs @samp{cvs log} on all
selected files, and show the result in a temporary buffer
@c Fixme: reinstate when node is written:
@c (@pxref{Log View Mode}).
@samp{*cvs-info*} (@pxref{Log View Mode}).
@item s
Call the command @code{cvs-mode-status} which runs @samp{cvs status} on
......@@ -1211,16 +1207,61 @@ area (@code{cvs-help}).
Quit PCL-CVS, killing the @samp{*cvs*} buffer (@code{cvs-mode-quit}).
@end table
@c @node Log Edit Mode, Log View Mode, Commands, Top
@c @chapter Editing a Log Message
@node Log Edit Mode, Log View Mode, Commands, Top
@chapter Editing a Log Message
@cindex Log Edit mode
@cindex mode, Log Edit
Buffers for entering/editing log messages for changes which are about
to be committed are put into Log Edit mode.
Sometimes the log buffer contains default text when you enter it,
typically the last log message entered. If it does, mark and point
are set around the entire contents of the buffer so that it is easy to
kill the contents of the buffer with @kbd{C-w}.
@findex log-edit-insert-changelog
If you work by writing entries in the @file{ChangeLog}
(@pxref{(emacs)Change Log}) and then commit the change under revision
control, you can generate the Log Edit text from the ChangeLog using
@kbd{C-a C-a} (@kbd{log-edit-insert-changelog}). This looks for
entries for the file(s) concerned in the top entry in the ChangeLog
and uses those paragraphs as the log text. This text is only inserted
if the top entry was made under your user name on the current date.
@xref{(emacs)Change Logs and VC}, for the opposite way of
working---generating ChangeLog entries from the revision control log.
In the Log Edit buffer, @kbd{C-c C-f} (@kbd{M-x log-edit-show-files})
shows the list of files to be committed in case you need to check
When you have finished editing the log message, type @kbd{C-c C-c} to
exit the buffer and commit the change.
@c Fixme: customization variables
@node Log View Mode, Customization, Log Edit Mode, Top
@chapter Browsing a Log of Changes
@cindex Log View mode
@cindex mode, Log View
@cindex output, logs
@findex cvs-mode-log
@findex vc-print-log
Log View mode provides a few useful commands for navigating revision
control log output. It is used for the output buffers of both
@code{cvs-mode-log} and @code{vc-print-log}.
@c @node Log View Mode, CVS Status Mode, Log Edit Mode, Top
@c @chapter Browsing a Log of Changes
In this mode, @kbd{n} goes to the next message and @kbd{p} goes to the
previous message and @kbd{N} and @kbd{P} go to the next and previous
files, respectively, in multi-file output. With a numeric prefix
argument, these commands move that many messages of files.
@c @node CVS Status Mode, Customization, Log View Mode, Top
@c @node CVS Status Mode
@c @chapter Viewing CVS' Status output
@node Customization, Bugs, Commands, Top
@node Customization, Bugs, Log View Mode, Top
@chapter Customization
@vindex log-edit-changelog-full-paragraphs@r{ (variable)}
@vindex cvs-auto-remove-handled@r{ (variable)}
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