Commit 1172eb8d authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(read_char): Don't clear current message for help

events; let the code handling help events handle this.  Change
code detecting help events that should be ignored.
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......@@ -2534,10 +2534,14 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
Vinput_method_previous_message = previous_echo_area_message;
/* Now wipe the echo area. */
if (!NILP (echo_area_buffer[0]))
safe_run_hooks (Qecho_area_clear_hook);
clear_message (1, 0);
/* Now wipe the echo area, except for help events which do their
own stuff with the echo area. */
if (!CONSP (c) || !(EQ (Qhelp_echo, XCAR (c))))
if (!NILP (echo_area_buffer[0]))
safe_run_hooks (Qecho_area_clear_hook);
clear_message (1, 0);
......@@ -2630,21 +2634,27 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
/* Display help if not echoing. */
if (CONSP (c)
&& EQ (XCAR (c), Qhelp_echo))
if (CONSP (c) && EQ (XCAR (c), Qhelp_echo))
Lisp_Object msg = XCDR (XCDR (c));
Lisp_Object msg;
msg = XCDR (XCDR (c));
if (!NILP (Vshow_help_function))
call1 (Vshow_help_function, msg);
else if (!echoing && !MINI_WINDOW_P (XWINDOW (selected_window)))
else if (/* Don't overwrite minibuffer contents. */
!MINI_WINDOW_P (XWINDOW (selected_window))
/* Don't overwrite a keystroke echo. */
&& NILP (echo_message_buffer)
/* Don't overwrite a prompt. */
&& !cursor_in_echo_area)
if (STRINGP (msg))
message3_nolog (msg, XSTRING (msg)->size, STRING_MULTIBYTE (msg));
message (0);
goto retry;
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