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Document calendar-day-header-array

* doc/emacs/cal-xtra.texi (Calendar Customizing):
Mention calendar-day-header-array.

* etc/NEWS: Markup.
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2014-01-07 Glenn Morris <>
* cal-xtra.texi (Calendar Customizing):
Mention calendar-day-header-array.
2013-12-28 Glenn Morris <>
* trouble.texi (Understanding Bug Reporting): Brevity.
......@@ -43,9 +43,12 @@ customize the variables @code{calendar-intermonth-header} and
@code{calendar-intermonth-text} as described in their documentation.
@vindex calendar-month-header
@vindex calendar-day-header-array
The variable @code{calendar-month-header} controls the text that
appears above each month in the calendar. By default, it shows the
month and year.
month and year. The variable @code{calendar-day-header-array}
controls the text that appears above each day's column in every month.
By default, it shows the first two letters of each day's name.
@vindex calendar-holiday-marker
@vindex diary-entry-marker
......@@ -353,12 +353,14 @@ code run via JIT Lock.
*** New faces `calendar-weekday-header', `calendar-weekend-header',
and `calendar-month-header'.
*** New option `calendar-day-header-array'.
*** New variable `diary-from-outlook-function', used by the command
*** The variable `calendar-font-lock-keywords' is obsolete.
** Calc
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