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Fix text about Lisp archives in the Emacs FQ

* doc/misc/efaq.texi (Packages that do not come with Emacs): Warn
about using Lisp archives other than GNU ELPA.
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......@@ -3474,15 +3474,18 @@ You can browse the resulting @file{*Packages*} buffer to see what is
available, and then Emacs can automatically download and install the
packages that you select. @xref{Packages,,, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}.
There are other, non-GNU, Emacs Lisp package servers, including:
@uref{, MELPA}; and
@uref{, Marmalade}. To use additional
package servers, customize the @code{package-archives} variable. Be
aware that installing a package can run arbitrary code, so only add
sources that you trust. Also, packages hosted on non-GNU package
servers may encourage or require you to install and use non-free
software; for example, MELPA is known to host some packages that do
There are other Emacs Lisp package archives. To use additional
archives, you can customize the @code{package-archives} variable.
Those archives have no affiliation with GNU Emacs, and we do not
monitor how they are maintained. They may pay close attention to
correctness and safety of the code, or they may give only cursory
Also, packages hosted on these other archives may encourage or require
you to install and use other nonfree programs. Unless you can verify
that a package is free software, and that it functions without
installing any nonfree software, we recommend for your freedom's sake
that you stay away from it.
The @uref{,
GNU Emacs sources mailing list}, which is gatewayed to the
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