Commit 12064537 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

(Command Loop Info, Adjusting Point): Remove @tindex.

parent 4faa0e04
......@@ -809,7 +809,6 @@ in a vector, so you don't need to deal with the complexities of storing
input events in a string (@pxref{Strings of Events}).
@end defun
@tindex clear-this-command-keys
@defun clear-this-command-keys &optional keep-record
This function empties out the table of events for
@code{this-command-keys} to return. Unless @var{keep-record} is
......@@ -875,7 +874,6 @@ the sequence.
@defvar disable-point-adjustment
@tindex disable-point-adjustment
If this variable is non-@code{nil} when a command returns to the
command loop, then the command loop does not check for those text
properties, and does not move point out of sequences that have them.
......@@ -885,7 +883,6 @@ so if a command sets it, the effect applies only to that command.
@end defvar
@defvar global-disable-point-adjustment
@tindex global-disable-point-adjustment
If you set this variable to a non-@code{nil} value, the feature of
moving point out of these sequences is completely turned off.
@end defvar
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