Commit 1208aaa9 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Omit keymap from subword-mode docstring (Bug#32212)

* lisp/progmodes/subword.el (subword-mode): Remove listing of
subword-mode-map bindings, since it is empty as of 2014-03-23 "Merge
capitalized-words-mode and subword-mode".
parent 2b70b547
......@@ -113,9 +113,7 @@ called a `subword'. Here are some examples:
NSGraphicsContext => \"NS\", \"Graphics\" and \"Context\"
This mode changes the definition of a word so that word commands
treat nomenclature boundaries as word boundaries.
treat nomenclature boundaries as word boundaries."
:lighter " ,"
(when subword-mode (superword-mode -1))
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