Commit 124f1807 authored by Thomas Fitzsimmons's avatar Thomas Fitzsimmons
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Improve EUDC to BBDB 3 export

* eudc-vars.el (eudc-ldap-bbdb-conversion-alist): Change phone
entry to single item.  Add company conversion.
* eudc-export.el (eudc-bbdbify-company): New function.
(bbdb-parse-phone): Declare function.
(eudc-bbdbify-phone): Add BBDB 3 support.
parent 43d2e55f
......@@ -167,8 +167,13 @@ LOCATION is used as the address location for bbdb."
;; External.
(declare-function bbdb-parse-phone-number "ext:bbdb-com"
(string &optional number-type))
(declare-function bbdb-parse-phone "ext:bbdb-com" (string &optional style))
(declare-function bbdb-string-trim "ext:bbdb" (string))
(defun eudc-bbdbify-company (&rest organizations)
"Return ORGANIZATIONS as a list compatible with BBDB."
(defun eudc-bbdbify-phone (phone location)
"Parse PHONE into a vector compatible with BBDB.
PHONE is either a string supposedly containing a phone number or
......@@ -179,7 +184,9 @@ LOCATION is used as the phone location for BBDB."
((stringp phone)
(let (phone-list)
(condition-case err
(setq phone-list (bbdb-parse-phone-number phone))
(setq phone-list (if (eudc--using-bbdb-3-or-newer-p)
(bbdb-parse-phone phone)
(bbdb-parse-phone-number phone)))
(if (string= "phone number unparsable." (cadr err))
(if (not (y-or-n-p (format "BBDB claims %S to be unparsable--insert anyway? " phone)))
......@@ -369,7 +369,8 @@ BBDB fields. SPECs are sexps which are evaluated:
'((name . cn)
(net . mail)
(address . (eudc-bbdbify-address postaladdress "Address"))
(phone . ((eudc-bbdbify-phone telephonenumber "Phone"))))
(phone . (eudc-bbdbify-phone telephonenumber "Phone"))
(company . (eudc-bbdbify-company o)))
"A mapping from BBDB to LDAP attributes.
This is a list of cons cells (BBDB-FIELD . SPEC-OR-LIST) where
BBDB-FIELD is the name of a field that must be defined in your BBDB
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