Commit 125366f8 authored by Jonathan Yavner's avatar Jonathan Yavner
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Fix header-line when scrollbar is on left and/or fringe isn't one char wide.

parent 49853a4d
......@@ -1605,27 +1605,43 @@ narrows the buffer now."
(message (error-message-string err))))
nil) ;Make coverage-tester happy
(defun ses-header-string-left-offset ()
"Number of characters in left fringe and left scrollbar (if any)."
(let ((left-fringe (round (or (frame-parameter nil 'left-fringe) 0)
(left-scrollbar (if (not (eq (frame-parameter nil
(let ((x (frame-parameter nil 'scroll-bar-width)))
;;Non-toolkil bar is always 14 pixels?
(unless x (setq x 14))
;;Always round up
(ceiling x (frame-char-width))))))
(+ left-fringe left-scrollbar)))
(defun ses-create-header-string ()
"Sets up `header-string' as the buffer's header line, based on the
current set of columns and window-scroll position."
(let ((totwidth (- 1 (window-hscroll)))
result width result x)
(if window-system
;;Leave room for the left-side fringe
(push " " result))
(let* ((left-offset (ses-header-string-left-offset))
(totwidth (- left-offset (window-hscroll)))
result width result x)
;;Leave room for the left-side fringe and scrollbar
(push (make-string left-offset ? ) result)
(dotimes (col numcols)
(setq width (ses-col-width col)
totwidth (+ totwidth width 1))
(if (= totwidth 2) ;Scrolled so intercolumn space is leftmost
(if (= totwidth (+ left-offset 1))
;;Scrolled so intercolumn space is leftmost
(push " " result))
(when (> totwidth 2)
(when (> totwidth (+ left-offset 1))
(if (> header-row 0)
(ses-goto-print (1- header-row) col)
(setq x (buffer-substring-no-properties (point)
(+ (point) width)))
(if (>= width (1- totwidth))
(setq x (substring x (- width totwidth -2))))
(if (>= width (- totwidth left-offset))
(setq x (substring x (- width totwidth left-offset -1))))
(push (propertize x 'face ses-box-prop) result))
(setq x (ses-column-letter col))
(push (propertize x 'face ses-box-prop) result)
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