Commit 125d2ddf authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(pmail-variables): Don't set save-buffer-coding-system.

parent 2e39660c
......@@ -1334,13 +1334,6 @@ Create the buffer if necessary."
;; Set up the non-permanent locals associated with Pmail mode.
(defun pmail-variables ()
(make-local-variable 'save-buffer-coding-system)
;; If we don't already have a value for save-buffer-coding-system,
;; get it from buffer-file-coding-system, and clear that
;; because it should be determined in pmail-show-message.
(unless save-buffer-coding-system
(setq save-buffer-coding-system (or buffer-file-coding-system 'undecided))
(setq buffer-file-coding-system nil))
;; Don't let a local variables list in a message cause confusion.
(make-local-variable 'local-enable-local-variables)
(setq local-enable-local-variables nil)
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