Commit 128ce5c6 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(struct it): Add `position' member to iterator stack.

Rename `pos' member to `current'.  Rearrange and add comments.
parent 4b364aa2
......@@ -1929,35 +1929,45 @@ struct it
from what we previously had. */
struct iterator_stack_entry
Lisp_Object string;
int string_nchars;
int end_charpos;
int stop_charpos;
int face_id;
Lisp_Object string;
/* Save values specific to a given method. */
union {
/* method == GET_FROM_IMAGE */
struct {
Lisp_Object object;
struct it_slice slice;
int image_id;
} image;
/* method == GET_FROM_COMPOSITION */
struct {
Lisp_Object object;
int c, len;
int cmp_id, cmp_len;
} comp;
/* method == GET_FROM_STRETCH */
struct {
Lisp_Object object;
} stretch;
} u;
struct display_pos pos;
int end_charpos;
int string_nchars;
/* current text and display positions. */
struct text_pos position;
struct display_pos current;
enum glyph_row_area area;
enum it_method method;
unsigned multibyte_p : 1;
unsigned string_from_display_prop_p : 1;
unsigned display_ellipsis_p : 1;
/* properties from display property that are reset by another display property. */
Lisp_Object space_width;
short voffset;
Lisp_Object font_height;
short voffset;
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