Commit 129f1989 authored by Romain Francoise's avatar Romain Francoise
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(sgml-html-meta-auto-coding-function): Ensure that the buffer contains a

HTML document.
parent ab3aad87
2007-01-05 Romain Francoise <>
* international/mule.el (sgml-html-meta-auto-coding-function):
Ensure that the buffer contains a HTML document.
2007-01-05 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* faces.el (momentary): Move here ...
* faces.el (momentary): Move here ...
* subr.el (momentary): ... from here.
2007-01-05 Nick Roberts <>
......@@ -11,9 +16,9 @@
2007-01-04 Juanma Barranquero <>
* files.el (find-file-noselect-1, set-visited-file-name):
* files.el (find-file-noselect-1, set-visited-file-name):
Allow backup-enable-predicate to be nil.
2007-01-04 Kevin Rodgers <>
* subr.el (momentary): New face.
......@@ -2292,7 +2292,12 @@ This function is intended to be added to `auto-coding-functions'."
;; In case of no header, search only 10 lines.
(forward-line 10))
(when (re-search-forward "<meta\\s-+http-equiv=[\"']?content-type[\"']?\\s-+content=[\"']text/\\sw+;\\s-*charset=\\(.+?\\)[\"']" size t)
;; Make sure that the buffer really contains an HTML document, by
;; checking that it starts with a doctype or a <HTML> start tag
;; (allowing for whitespace at bob). Note: 'DOCTYPE NETSCAPE' is
;; useful for Mozilla bookmark files.
(when (and (re-search-forward "\\`[[:space:]\n]*\\(<!doctype[[:space:]\n]+\\(html\\|netscape\\)\\|<html\\)" size t)
(re-search-forward "<meta\\s-+http-equiv=[\"']?content-type[\"']?\\s-+content=[\"']text/\\sw+;\\s-*charset=\\(.+?\\)[\"']" size t))
(let* ((match (match-string 1))
(sym (intern (downcase match))))
(if (coding-system-p sym)
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