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......@@ -43,9 +43,14 @@ to the hack introduced on 2005-07-01 to fix some other Cleartype problem.
** make-network-process :nowait t doesn't work for non-local targets
on Windows.
If it cannot be fixed, (featurep 'make-network-process '(:nowait t))
should return nil.
** Document use of gpg-agent
**, Nov 24:
**, Nov 24:
gnus-summary-tick-article-forward doesn't work any more?
**, Nov 30: too much recursion in gnus-sort-threads-1.
......@@ -3813,8 +3813,9 @@ deleting the part of subprocess output that matches the input.
** The variable `memory-full' now remains t until
there is no longer a shortage of memory.
** When Emacs receives a USR1 or USR2 signal, this generates
an input event: usr1-signal or usr2-signal.
input event sequences: [signal usr1] or [signal usr2].
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 22.1
2006-12-06 Christoph Conrad <> (tiny change)
2006-12-06 Christoph Conrad <>
* makefile.w32-in ($(BLD)/emacsclient.exe, $(BLD)/emacsclientw.exe):
Use $(USER32) for compatibility with Visual Studio .NET 2003.
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