Commit 13118fc3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(dbx): Use system-configuration, not system-type.

parent e9ce5ade
......@@ -635,8 +635,8 @@ and source-file directory for your debugger."
;; Make dbx give out the source location info that we need.
(process-send-string (get-buffer-process gud-comint-buffer)
"printf \"\032\032%1d:\",$curline;file\n"))
((or (string-match "-sunos" (symbol-name system-type))
(string-match "-solaris" (symbol-name system-type)))
((or (string-match "-sunos" system-configuration)
(string-match "-solaris" system-configuration))
;; The following works for both the UCB and SunPro 2.0.1 versions
;; of dbx. The `stop' is lost using the `\n' separator as in the
;; default case. Is there a dbx where the newline is actually
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