Commit 1342fc6f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(mark_object): Detect long lists for debugging.

(mark_object_loop_halt): New variable.
parent 3622bdf9
......@@ -4427,6 +4427,12 @@ mark_image_cache (f)
Lisp_Object *last_marked[LAST_MARKED_SIZE];
int last_marked_index;
/* For debugging--call abort when we cdr down this many
links of a list, in mark_object. In debugging,
the call to abort will hit a breakpoint.
Normally this is zero and the check never goes off. */
int mark_object_loop_halt;
mark_object (argptr)
Lisp_Object *argptr;
......@@ -4437,6 +4443,7 @@ mark_object (argptr)
void *po;
struct mem_node *m;
int cdr_count = 0;
obj = *objptr;
......@@ -4790,10 +4797,14 @@ mark_object (argptr)
if (EQ (ptr->cdr, Qnil))
objptr = &ptr->car;
cdr_count = 0;
goto loop;
mark_object (&ptr->car);
objptr = &ptr->cdr;
if (cdr_count == mark_object_loop_halt)
abort ();
goto loop;
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