Commit 1353c8da authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(completion-pcm--pattern->regex): When completion-ignore-case is

non-nil, generate a regexp that ignores case.
parent 36f95f77
......@@ -1381,12 +1381,17 @@ or a symbol chosen among `any', `star', `point'."
(lambda (x)
(case x
((star any point)
(if (if (consp group) (memq x group) group)
"\\(.*?\\)" ".*?"))
(t (regexp-quote x))))
((star any point)
(if (if (consp group) (memq x group) group)
(if (and completion-ignore-case
(string-match "[[:alpha:]]" x))
(format "[%s%s]" (downcase x) (upcase x))
(regexp-quote x)))))
;; Avoid pathological backtracking.
(while (string-match "\\.\\*\\?\\(?:\\\\[()]\\)*\\(\\.\\*\\?\\)" re)
(setq re (replace-match "" t t re 1)))
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