Commit 13589948 authored by Erik Naggum's avatar Erik Naggum
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(gnus-summary-prepare-threads): Call `gnus-message' instead of `message'.

parent d69fa6b1
......@@ -6502,7 +6502,7 @@ Unscored articles will be counted as having a score of zero."
"Prepare summary buffer from THREADS and indentation LEVEL.
THREADS is either a list of `(PARENT [(CHILD1 [(GRANDCHILD ...]...) ...])'
or a straight list of headers."
(message "Generating summary...")
(gnus-message 5 "Generating summary...")
(let ((level 0)
thread header number subject stack state gnus-tmp-gathered)
(if (vectorp (car threads))
......@@ -6628,7 +6628,7 @@ or a straight list of headers."
(setq stack (cons (cons (max 0 level) (nthcdr 1 thread)) stack)))
(setq level (1+ level))
(setq threads (cdr (car thread))))))
(message "Generating summary...done"))
(gnus-message 5 "Generating summary...done"))
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