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Add "Emacs crashes on startup after a glibc upgrade."

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......@@ -144,6 +144,21 @@ Reportedly this patch in X fixes the problem.
return ret;
** Emacs crashes on startup after a glibc upgrade.
This is caused by a binary incompatible change to the malloc
implementation in glibc 2.5.90-22. As a result, Emacs binaries built
using prior versions of glibc crash when run under 2.5.90-22.
This problem was first seen in pre-release version of Fedora 7, and
may be fixed in the final Fedora 7 release. To stop the crash from
happening, first try upgrading to the newest version of glibc; if this
does not work, rebuild Emacs with the same version of glibc that you
will run it under. For details, see
* Crash bugs
** Emacs crashes in x-popup-dialog.
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