Commit 136f8f67 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Don't use cl. Eliminate use of when, unless,

dotimes, plusp, minusp, pusnhew, second.
(completion-dolist): New macro.  Use instead of dolist.
(completion-gensym-counter, completion-gensym): New variable and fn.
(locate-completion-entry-retry): Bind cmpl-entry, then use it.
(locate-completion-entry): Use completion-string, not string.
(add-completion-to-head, delete-completion):
Rename arg to completion-string.
(completions-list-return-value): Defvar'd and renamed
from return-completions.
(cmpl-preceding-syntax, cdabbrev-stop-point): Add defvars.
(delete-completion, check-completion-length): Fix message format.
(complete, add-completions-from-buffer, add-completions-from-c-buffer)
(save-completions-to-file): Likewise.
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