Commit 1381f9e6 authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì

* progmodes/etags.el (tag-exact-file-name-match-p)

(tag-file-name-match-p, tag-partial-file-name-match-p): Assume
that the header of a tags section has either a number or nothing
after the last comma.
parent aad00fb0
......@@ -1506,13 +1506,13 @@ where they were found."
;; exact file name match, i.e. searched tag must match complete file
;; name including directories parts if there are some.
(defun tag-exact-file-name-match-p (tag)
(and (looking-at ",")
(and (looking-at ",[0-9]\\|\n")
(save-excursion (backward-char (+ 2 (length tag)))
(looking-at "\f\n"))))
;; file name match as above, but searched tag must match the file
;; name not including the directories if there are some.
(defun tag-file-name-match-p (tag)
(and (looking-at ",")
(and (looking-at ",[0-9]\\|\n")
(save-excursion (backward-char (1+ (length tag)))
(looking-at "/"))))
;; this / to detect we are after a directory separator is ok for unix,
......@@ -1523,7 +1523,7 @@ where they were found."
;; partial file name match, i.e. searched tag must match a substring
;; of the file name (potentially including a directory separator).
(defun tag-partial-file-name-match-p (tag)
(and (looking-at ".*,")
(and (looking-at ".*,[0-9]\\|\n")
(save-excursion (beginning-of-line)
(backward-char 2)
(looking-at "\f\n"))))
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