Commit 13b5e56c authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* keyboard.c (modify_event_symbol): Make sure that the unmodified

	event header gets the proper properties set on it, by recursing
	and letting the same code build the properties for all event symbols.

	* keyboard.c (Qmouse_click): Fix typo which assigned `mouse-click'
	symbol to Qmouse_movement.
parent 62c48f87
......@@ -2109,25 +2109,6 @@ modify_event_symbol (symbol_num, modifiers, symbol_kind, name_table,
/* We don't have an entry for the symbol; we have to build it. */
/* Make sure there's an assoc for the unmodified symbol.
Any non-empty alist should contain an entry for the unmodified symbol. */
XFASTINT (temp) = 0;
if (NILP (*slot))
unmodified = intern (name_table [symbol_num]);
*slot = Fcons (Fcons (temp, unmodified), Qnil);
Fput (unmodified, Qevent_kind, symbol_kind);
Fput (unmodified, Qevent_symbol_elements, Fcons (unmodified, Qnil));
temp = Fassq (temp, *slot);
if (NILP (temp))
abort ();
unmodified = XCONS (temp)->cdr;
/* Create a modified version of the symbol, and add it to the alist. */
Lisp_Object modified;
......@@ -2153,8 +2134,27 @@ modify_event_symbol (symbol_num, modifiers, symbol_kind, name_table,
modifier_list = Fcons (XVECTOR (modifier_symbols)->contents[i],
Fput (modified, Qevent_symbol_elements,
Fcons (unmodified, modifier_list));
/* Put an unmodified version of the symbol at the head of the
list of symbol elements. */
/* We recurse to get the unmodified symbol; this allows us to
write out the code to build event headers only once.
Note that we put ourselves in the symbol_table before we
recurse, so when an unmodified symbol calls this code
to put itself on its Qevent_symbol_elements property, we do
terminate. */
Lisp_Object unmodified =
modify_event_symbol (symbol_num,
((modifiers & (down_modifier | drag_modifier))
? click_modifier
: 0),
name_table, symbol_table, table_size);
Fput (modified, Qevent_symbol_elements,
Fcons (unmodified, modifier_list));
return modified;
......@@ -3607,7 +3607,7 @@ syms_of_keyboard ()
Qfunction_key = intern ("function-key");
staticpro (&Qfunction_key);
Qmouse_movement = intern ("mouse-click");
Qmouse_click = intern ("mouse-click");
staticpro (&Qmouse_click);
Qmouse_movement = intern ("scrollbar-click");
staticpro (&Qmouse_movement);
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