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Add description of chinese-sisheng

* doc/emacs/mule.texi (Input Methods): Add description of
chinese-sisheng method for entering characters using pīnyīn.
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......@@ -497,6 +497,10 @@ one of them selects that alternative. The keys @kbd{C-f}, @kbd{C-b},
do the highlighting in the buffer showing the possible characters,
rather than in the echo area.
To enter characters according to the @dfn{pīnyīn} transliteration
method instead, use the @code{chinese-sisheng} input method. This is
a composition based method, where e.g. @kbd{pi1} results in @samp{pī}.
In Japanese input methods, first you input a whole word using
phonetic spelling; then, after the word is in the buffer, Emacs
converts it into one or more characters using a large dictionary. One
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