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......@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ bocks of code selectively.
* Hideshow:: Displaying blocks selectively.
* Documentation:: Getting documentation of functions you plan to call.
* Change Log:: Maintaining a change history for your program.
* Authors:: Maintaining an @file{AUTHORS} file.
* Tags:: Go direct to any function in your program in one
command. Tags remembers which file it is in.
* Imenu:: Making buffer indexes as menus.
......@@ -1755,6 +1756,24 @@ of entries with either the current or old-style date formats.
Version control systems are another way to keep track of changes in your
program and keep a change log. @xref{Log Buffer}.
@node Authors
@section @file{AUTHORS} files
@cindex @file{AUTHORS} file
Programs which have many contributors usually include a file named
@file{AUTHORS} in their distribution, which lists the individual
contributions. Emacs has a special command for maintaining the
@file{AUTHORS} file that is part of the Emacs distribution.
@findex authors
The @kbd{M-x authors} command prompts for the name of the root of the
Emacs source directory. It then scans @file{ChageLog} files and Lisp
source files under that directory for information about authors of
individual packages and people who made changes in source files, and
puts the information it gleans into a buffer named @samp{*Authors*}.
You can then edit the contents of that buffer and merge it with the
exisiting @file{AUTHORS} file.
@node Tags
@section Tags Tables
@cindex tags table
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