Commit 13fde0cd authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(YACC): flag added to c_ext.

(c_ext): no more a synonim for c_ext&C_PLPL because of YACC.
(find_entries): consistently use streq when reasonable.
(find_entries): a .y file is a yacc file.
(get_C_stab): c_ext becomes c_ext&C_PLPL.
(C_entries): logical cplpl means c_ext&C_PLPL.
(C_entries): logical yacc_rules means we are after the first %%.
(C_entries): added logic for yacc files.

(C_entries): ':' case moved to the second switch.
(C_entries): do not examine token if structdef==scolonseen.
(consider_token): structtag set to null string for enum.

(GET_COOKIE): and related macros removed.
(logical): is now int, no more a char.
(reg): define deleted.
(isgood, _gd, notgd): deleted.
(gotone): deleted.
(TOKEN): member linestart removed.
(linepos, prev_linepos, lb1): deleted.
(main): call initbuffer on lbs array instead of lb1.
(init): removed the initialisation of the logical _gd array;
(find_entries): a .sa suffix means assembler file.
(C_create_stab): "auto", "void", "extern", "static" are st_C_typespec.
All C state machines rewritten.
(C_entries): complete rewrite.
(condider_token): complete rewrite.
(getline): deleted.

(C_entries): Added the quotednl logical variable.
Used for parsing of #define's spanning multiple lines.

(C_entries): Save the definedef status even when a
newline is met inside a string.
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