Commit 13fe29bd authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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(mh-prompt-for-folder): Use can-create argument to suppress creation

of folder if it doesn't exist.
parent ee79234b
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......@@ -2382,7 +2382,6 @@ optional argument DEFAULT-STRING is non-nil, use it in the prompt
instead of DEFAULT. If ALLOW-ROOT-FOLDER-FLAG is non-nil then the
function will accept the folder +, which means all folders when
used in searching."
;; FIXME: can-create is unused!
(if (null default)
(setq default ""))
(let* ((default-string (cond (default-string (format " (default %s)" default-string))
......@@ -2417,6 +2416,7 @@ used in searching."
(let ((new-file-flag
(not (file-exists-p (mh-expand-file-name folder-name)))))
(cond ((and new-file-flag
(format "Folder %s does not exist. Create it? "
......@@ -2427,7 +2427,7 @@ used in searching."
(mh-speed-add-folder folder-name))
(message "Creating %s...done" folder-name))
(error "Folder %s is not created" folder-name))
(error "Folder %s does not exist" folder-name))
((not (file-directory-p (mh-expand-file-name folder-name)))
(error "\"%s\" is not a directory"
(mh-expand-file-name folder-name)))))
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