Commit 14065d35 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(Ffont_shape_text): Fix the return value.

parent 7eb5d3d7
......@@ -3453,18 +3453,15 @@ The value is the end position of the shaped text. */)
LGSTRING_SET_DESCENT (gstr, metrics.descent);
for (k = i; i < j; i++)
LGSTRING_SET_GLYPH (gstr, i - k, LGSTRING_GLYPH (gstring, i));
from = make_number (start + this_from);
to = make_number (start + this_to);
if (NILP (string))
Fcompose_region_internal (make_number (start + this_from),
make_number (start + this_to),
gstr, Qnil);
Fcompose_region_internal (from, to, gstr, Qnil);
Fcompose_string_internal (string,
make_number (start + this_from),
make_number (start + this_to),
gstr, Qnil);
Fcompose_string_internal (string, from, to, gstr, Qnil);
return make_number (start + XINT (n));
return to;
DEFUN ("font-drive-otf", Ffont_drive_otf, Sfont_drive_otf, 6, 6, 0,
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