Commit 14145a1e authored by Daniel Colascione's avatar Daniel Colascione
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Increase NSTATICS; tell the user when we run out of static slots.

parent 393e94fa
2012-10-18 Daniel Colascione <>
* alloc.c (NSTATICS): Increase from 0x650 to 0x1000
(staticpro): If we run out of staticpro slots, die with an
informative error instead of just calling emacs_abort.
2012-10-18 Martin Rudalics <>
Fix two flaws reported by Dmitry Antipov.
......@@ -376,7 +376,7 @@ struct gcpro *gcprolist;
/* Addresses of staticpro'd variables. Initialize it to a nonzero
value; otherwise some compilers put it into BSS. */
#define NSTATICS 0x650
#define NSTATICS 0x1000
static Lisp_Object *staticvec[NSTATICS] = {&Vpurify_flag};
/* Index of next unused slot in staticvec. */
......@@ -5030,7 +5030,7 @@ staticpro (Lisp_Object *varaddress)
staticvec[staticidx++] = varaddress;
if (staticidx >= NSTATICS)
emacs_abort ();
fatal ("NSTATICS too small. Try increasing and recompiling Emacs.");
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