Commit 14402503 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_clear_frame_selections): Delete duplicate code.

parent 39d8bb4d
......@@ -818,25 +818,6 @@ x_clear_frame_selections (f)
/* Otherwise, we're really honest and truly being told to drop it.
Don't use Fdelq as that may QUIT;. */
while (!NILP (Vselection_alist)
&& EQ (frame, Fcar (Fcdr (Fcdr (Fcdr (Fcar (Vselection_alist)))))))
/* Let random Lisp code notice that the selection has been stolen. */
Lisp_Object hooks, selection_symbol;
hooks = Vx_lost_selection_hooks;
selection_symbol = Fcar (Vselection_alist);
if (!EQ (hooks, Qunbound))
for (; CONSP (hooks); hooks = Fcdr (hooks))
call1 (Fcar (hooks), selection_symbol);
redisplay_preserve_echo_area ();
Vselection_alist = Fcdr (Vselection_alist);
for (rest = Vselection_alist; !NILP (rest); rest = Fcdr (rest))
if (EQ (frame, Fcar (Fcdr (Fcdr (Fcdr (Fcar (XCONS (rest)->cdr)))))))
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