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Change note about timezone problems on Windows.

parent 120d7f1b
......@@ -2199,11 +2199,8 @@ of Windows. This is caused by a deficiency in the underlying system
library function.
The functions set-time-zone-rule, and display-time-world (which uses it)
do not work on Windows. Fixing this is difficult, since Windows uses
localtime for the system clock, and any attempt to change the timezone
would have to be accompanied by a clock change for the results to remain
consistent. The way in which these functions are used is not intended to
cause such system-wide disruption.
give incorrect results for many non-US timezones. This is due to a
limitation in Windows handling of daylight savings.
Files larger than 4GB cause overflow in the size (represented as a
32-bit integer) reported by `file-attributes'. This affects Dired as
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