Commit 146a4cf2 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* tramp-tests.el (tramp-test19-directory-files-and-attributes):

Instrument failed test case.
parent 679f7827
......@@ -893,6 +893,7 @@ This tests also `file-readable-p' and `file-regular-p'."
(tramp-dissect-file-name tramp-test-temporary-file-directory)
nil 'keep-password)
(tramp--instrument-test-case 10
(let ((tmp-name (tramp--test-make-temp-name))
......@@ -905,18 +906,16 @@ This tests also `file-readable-p' and `file-regular-p'."
(setq attr (directory-files-and-attributes tmp-name))
(should (consp attr))
(dolist (elt attr)
(tramp--instrument-test-case 10
(equal (file-attributes (expand-file-name (car elt) tmp-name))
(cdr elt)))))
(equal (file-attributes (expand-file-name (car elt) tmp-name))
(cdr elt))))
(setq attr (directory-files-and-attributes tmp-name 'full))
(dolist (elt attr)
(tramp--instrument-test-case 10
(equal (file-attributes (car elt)) (cdr elt)))))
(equal (file-attributes (car elt)) (cdr elt))))
(setq attr (directory-files-and-attributes tmp-name nil "^b"))
(should (equal (mapcar 'car attr) '("bar" "boz"))))
(ignore-errors (delete-directory tmp-name 'recursive)))))
(ignore-errors (delete-directory tmp-name 'recursive))))))
(ert-deftest tramp-test20-file-modes ()
"Check `file-modes'.
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