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......@@ -185,3 +185,7 @@ should at the very least make clear whether enabling auto-reverting
for the buffer reliably assures that all information in the buffer is
completely up to date (or will be after @code{auto-revert-interval}
arch-tag: 2983e613-a272-45f6-9593-3010ad7f865e
@end ignore
......@@ -832,3 +832,7 @@ the European style, the order of the parameters is changed to @var{day},
@var{mark} which specifies how to mark the date in the calendar display.
If one of these functions decides that it applies to a certain date,
it returns a value that contains @var{mark}.
arch-tag: 52cb299f-fd1f-4616-bfe6-91b988669431
@end ignore
......@@ -43,3 +43,7 @@ explicitly assigned switches, however.)
You can make Dired forget about all subdirectory switches and relist
all subdirectories with the buffer's default switches using
@kbd{M-x dired-reset-subdir-switches}. This also reverts the Dired buffer.
arch-tag: e3865701-9179-4ffb-bc34-d321111c688d
@end ignore
......@@ -392,3 +392,7 @@ commands.
@vindex emerge-startup-hook
After setting up the merge, Emerge runs the hook
@code{emerge-startup-hook}. @xref{Hooks,,, emacs, the Emacs Manual}.
arch-tag: cda63f09-9c5f-4ea1-adb9-4a820fdfb24e
@end ignore
......@@ -521,3 +521,7 @@ to @samp{continue}, provided Abbrev mode is enabled.@refill
Type @samp{;?} or @samp{;C-h} to display a list of all the built-in
Fortran abbrevs and what they stand for.
arch-tag: 23ed7c36-1517-4646-9235-2d5ade5f06f6
@end ignore
......@@ -552,3 +552,7 @@ MS-DOS supports only some of the possible options you can mention in
the @code{dired-listing-switches} variable. The options that work are
@samp{-A}, @samp{-a}, @samp{-c}, @samp{-i}, @samp{-r}, @samp{-S},
@samp{-s}, @samp{-t}, and @samp{-u}.
arch-tag: 868d50ff-07f8-4a13-a807-dab6f1cdb431
@end ignore
......@@ -275,3 +275,7 @@ other modes. @kbd{C-c C-y} (@code{picture-yank-rectangle}) inserts
(by overwriting) the rectangle that was most recently killed, while
@kbd{C-c C-x} (@code{picture-yank-rectangle-from-register}) does
likewise for the rectangle found in a specified register.
arch-tag: 10e423ad-d896-42f2-a7e8-7018adeaf8c2
@end ignore
......@@ -26,3 +26,7 @@ the Emacs Manual}). This chapter describes more advanced VC usage.
@include vc1-xtra.texi
@include vc2-xtra.texi
@end iftex
arch-tag: 11a18d0e-1baf-49da-8e38-f61195ae4dc3
@end ignore
......@@ -139,3 +139,7 @@ up-to-date) and full display at any time by typing @kbd{v t}
locked (or, with CVS, all files not up-to-date). Thus, typing @kbd{* l
t k} is another way to delete from the buffer all files except those
currently locked.
arch-tag: 8e8c2a01-ad41-4e61-a89a-60131ad67263
@end ignore
......@@ -731,3 +731,7 @@ only for repositories from hosts that match the pattern.
operations in the variable @code{vc-cvs-global-switches}. These
switches are inserted immediately after the @code{cvs} command, before
the name of the operation to invoke.
arch-tag: 140b8629-4339-4b5e-9e50-72453e51615e
@end ignore
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