Commit 1492f7ac authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Set display table for 2208 as for 160.
parent a23887b9
......@@ -1450,9 +1450,13 @@ specifies the character set for the major languages of Western Europe."
;; Make non-line-break space display as a plain space.
;; Most X fonts do the wrong thing for code 160.
(aset standard-display-table 160 [32])
;; Most Windows programs send out apostrophe's as \222. Most X fonts
;; With luck, non-Latin-1 fonts are more recent and so don't
;; have this bug.
(aset standard-display-table 2208 [32]) ; Latin-1 NBSP
;; Most Windows programs send out apostrophes as \222. Most X fonts
;; don't contain a character at that position. Map it to the ASCII
;; apostrophe.
;; apostrophe. [This is actually RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK
;; from the cp1252, aka Windows-1252 character set. --fx]
(aset standard-display-table 146 [39]))))
(defun set-language-environment-coding-systems (language-name
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