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* etc/CONTRIBUTE: Recommend bug-gnu-emacs for patches.

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......@@ -73,9 +73,12 @@ Every patch must have several pieces of information before we
can properly evaluate it.
When you have all these pieces, bundle them up in a mail message and
send it to or
All subsequent discussion should be sent to the same mailing list.
send it to the developers. Sending it to
(which is the bug/feature list) is recommended, because that list
is coupled to a tracking system that makes it easier to locate patches.
If your patch is not complete and you think it needs more discussion,
you might want to send it to instead. If you
revise your patch, send it as a followup to the initial topic.
** Description
......@@ -155,12 +158,12 @@ giving you write access to the Bazaar repository.
Discussion about Emacs development takes place on
Bug reports and feature requests are sent to
You can subscribe to the mailing lists at
You can find the mailing lists archives at or
Bug reports and fixes, feature requests and implementations should be
sent to, the bug/feature list. This is coupled
to the tracker at .
You can subscribe to the mailing lists, or see the list archives,
by following links from .
** Document your changes.
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