Commit 14afa541 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/vc/vc-svn.el (vc-svn-create-repo): Expand paths in file://... url.

Fixes: debbugs:15446
parent ab7ce978
2013-10-09 Glenn Morris <>
* vc/vc-svn.el (vc-svn-create-repo):
Expand paths in file://... url. (Bug#15446)
* emacs-lisp/authors.el (authors-aliases, authors-fixed-case):
Add some entries.
(authors): Remove unused local variables.
......@@ -293,8 +293,10 @@ RESULT is a list of conses (FILE . STATE) for directory DIR."
(defun vc-svn-create-repo ()
"Create a new SVN repository."
(vc-do-command "*vc*" 0 "svnadmin" '("create" "SVN"))
;; Expand default-directory because svn gets confused by eg
;; file://~/path/to/file. (Bug#15446).
(vc-svn-command "*vc*" 0 "." "checkout"
(concat "file://" default-directory "SVN")))
(concat "file://" (expand-file-name default-directory) "SVN")))
(autoload 'vc-switches "vc")
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